Monday, August 15, 2011

Quilts, food and beach sessions

Hey everybody! Hope everyone had a nice weekend. 
When I picked up my mail this morning, I was happy to find that the package that I have been waiting for had arrived! I ordered two adorable quilts on Etsy from Crooked Barn Vintage's store. One for Leeluu (pink) and one for the new baby (blue). They are made wonderfully and look absolutely beautiful in their room! 

I feel totally different with this pregnancy; I'm uncomfortable most of the time and I'm not as big as I have been in the past. Maybe it is the vegan diet, or maybe it has something to do with the gender of the baby! I read a bunch of old wive's tales about gender prediction hoping I may might find some clarification as to why I feel differently then when I was pregnant with my two girls... Although wive's tales aren't very credible, I do like trying to pretend I know what I am going to have!

Last week I made mostly simple dinners; breakfast burritos, roasted vegetable focaccia pizza, carrot soup with quinoa salad, seitan casserole and Mexican-style rice and beans. 

Do you plan our your meals for the week, or just make whatever you can find in the fridge?

Mexican style rice and beans

This is my belly shot at thirty one weeks. I have been going to the beach almost everyday! When Leeluu wakes up in the morning, she peeks out the window and gives me the weather report and then asks " can we go to the beach?" I think I have a little beach bum on my hands!

workin' on the castle


  1. You look beautiful!!! I hope you still have plenty of energy!

  2. Your photo makes me miss being pregnant. You look so beautiful. I would like to invite you to visit my blog to enter my giveaway. Check it out if you are interested.

  3. You look fantastic...I wish I could be a beach bum. Everything seems so much better when you are digging your toes into the sand :)

  4. You look lovely. I had a vegan pregnancy and I was really small. You must just be having a different experience with this one.
    I did recently read a study that said vegans tend to have a slightly higher rate of female babies...

  5. Love the quilts! They are super cute and you look beautiful! I think that the beach is the best place to be especially when you are pregnant. Looks like you are enjoying your summer. :)