Monday, October 8, 2012

Harvest dessert { Raw sweet potato tart }

I went to my good friends house the other day ( Anne I love you! )...and she made an amazing raw pumpkin pie. It was so good, I was inspired! This is where most of my cooking comes about...inspiration. I don't have a fancy blender, but if I add just the right amount of liquid I can get a really smooth consistency out of the old Oster.

I used a basic raw crust. Which usually consists of almonds/walnuts, dates and coconut. I grabbed a bag of regular dates, boil some water, place the dates in a small bowl, and pour the water over top. Let them soak for 5-10 minutes. A juicy, super moist date..which is what binds the crust together with the nuts.

For the filling I used a few more of the dates I soaked with some of the date water, blended it together adding 1 large peeled and chopped sweet potato, added some cinnamon, ground cardamom  and nutmeg. Blend that until nice a smooth, and a little maple syrup. Oh yeah and I also put in a little agar agar, just for a setting agent. I don't know if technically agar agar is considered raw...but I didn't want to risk that the filling would ooze out, I wanted it to be firm. It worked!

I served my raw sweet potato tart with a scoop of" Butter Pecan" Toffuti ice-cream. It was wonderful. Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Raw sweet potato pie? Tres intriguing and so pretty.

  2. It seems I need to get on the raw bandwagon, that looks so pretty!

    1. Haha...yeah you better hop on! thanks Megan!

  3. I have a confession to make: I hate cooked sweet potato. But I like to snack on it raw. So this sounds like a perfect recipe for me. And I bet Frieda will enjoy it, too.