Sunday, October 7, 2012

Harvest dinner { stuffed squash rings }

Lately, I have not been cooking as much as I should and want to. I suppose it could be that my heart is not in it, but today I am feeling it. I went to the grocery store with no particular menu in mind. Here's what I grabbed:
  • dates
  • squash
  • sweet potato
  • brussel spouts
  • cremini mushrooms
  • apples
  • parsley
  • almonds
The rest was pretty much just a process of elimination. I had a few things kick'n around that needed to get used. What is the the essence of an autumn dinner?

Squash and brussel sprouts, of course.

I don't actually have a stuffed squash rings recipe, but in my mind I could already see it. I combined  basmati rice and lentils with some sautéed onion and celery, dried cranberries, sage, and balsamic vinegar. A sprinkle of salt and pepper, and a swirl of maple syrup and that pretty much sums up the filling of the squash rings. I peeled the squash, stuffed and cooked it on a baking sheet with a little water and covered them with foil.

Toss in some roasted veggies, mashed up potatoes, and a "very" cremini mushroomy gravy and voila, one home-cooked-super-comfy-harvest thanksgiving dinner. I am very happy with my process in creating this meal and even more impressed with the results. Yum! I would definitely serve up this vegan delight in my restaurant (some day)!


  1. Nice job with the creative dish and grocery shopping. I totally love dates but find myself usually forgetting about them until I'm in a restaurant looking at some pricey dates and thinking about how much more economical it would be to just get them at the grocery store and prepare them at home.

    1. Jennifer! Thanks :) I usually only by dates on special occasions. They are pretty pricey...but always so worth it in the end.

  2. What an attractive looking meal. I love fall and this dish should be served in an expensive restaurant. You are an amazing chef. Can't wait for you to open your own restaurant.
    Happy Thanksgiving

    1. Virginia..You are awesome! Thanks for the words of encouragement.

  3. It's so nice to be able to let the seasons take over and dictate what to have for dinner! You did a wonderful job; I hope yr heart stays in it :)

  4. This looks VERY tasty and creative!

  5. I know what you mean, I find it difficult to get in the cooking spirit when I’m feeling down. I’m pretty impressed with what you came up with , it looks so fancy!