Saturday, August 6, 2011

Summer grub

Jonathan and I have been working on the house and yard when the weather allows us. Rain and grey skies have been an on-going problem in Halifax for weeks. Today was the nicest day all week, so we, meaning Jonathan doing all the work and me sitting on the front porch watching, took the opportunity to work on the front yard; weeding, hoeing and rearranging our rock wall. A lot was accomplished today but there is still a lot more to do.

My pregnancy has been good, although I am starting to feel uncomfortable at night. I find myself being outside a lot more, and doing a lot less blogging. I am hoping to get my camera back next week and get everything back on track.

Hope everyone has been able to hit the beach or just get outside and enjoy some sunshine :)
Here is a peak at what I have been making...

"breakfast muffin"

"grilled seitan kabobs"

"millet salad with swiss chard and apricots"

"rock wall phase one"


  1. I feel the same! I am getting tired more often! Nice breakfast!

  2. Lovely grub! :) Especially those kabobs. SO pretty.