Sunday, July 17, 2011

I love the beach

We woke up early this morning greeted by the sun and decided to get a head start on the day and go to the beach (you really have to take advantage of sunny days here). The beach we choose was, Martinique.  Many times we talked about checking it out, but never did. I didn't know what we were missing until we got there!!

When we got out of the car and walked through the sea grass boardwalk...I was in awe. It felt like we were in paradise....the longest white sandy beach in Nova Scotia, KILLER! Here is a little video of Leeluu :)
Hope everyone got some sunshine this weekend :)

P.S. What do you think of my new blog header/layout?


  1. Love the new header layout. Ah the beach, must be nice!

  2. Thanks Chris! :) Beach life is nice.

  3. Wow!
    Also, I love the new design too!

  4. I really like the new header, it's so creative and cute.

  5. I love the new header...and the beach looks fantastic. You are so lucky to be enjoying it.