Thursday, September 9, 2010

Watermelon fizz, some pics after Earl & a PARMA winner!

We have had an amazing summer here in Nova Scotia which means lots of beach days. I have had a lot of things to take care of with the new place, and J's brother has been here for the past week helping me fix things. Which is super awesome because I am not a very good DIY person. (I tried to put an anchor in the wall to hang a picture... hammered a screwdriver into the wall, and couldn't get it out, the picture was hanging on the screwdriver.) So when J's brother came I was SO happy... he has the skills!

I made this drink a couple weeks ago and meant to post it but I have been consumed with the house. Super simple to make and refreshing. I blended up a cup worth of watermelon added carbonated mineral water and drink of choice:P

Hurricane Earl said hello to us. It was pretty windy and a few big trees were blown down, the house is still standing :) It only lasted a few hours but we had no power for a day. After the wind calmed down I took the kids to the beach to check out the wave action...

I found this on the dock...

With the help of click the cookie
lucky #15, Liz is the winner of the Parma giveaway!
Thanks everyone.


  1. Those are beautiful pics! You are so fortunate to be near the ocean!

  2. That drink looks scrumptious!
    When we were in Toronto in August we visited FRESH and had some amazing Watermelon Lemonade and it looked just like that!

  3. Maria Rose...Thanks, I do feel very blessed to live by the sea.

    Liz...O' I have heard about FRESH, and hope to try it out one day.