Monday, October 26, 2009


Over the last 3 months my family and I have gone from vegetarian to vegans. I am happy to say I have never felt better. It has been relatively easy for me, probably because I worked at a vegan restaurant for two years, where I learned many cool things. The hardest part about becoming a vegan is having a baby, I find myself always questioning if she is getting enough of the proper nutrition, ie: good fats.

I give her Udos DHA oil in her food, and lots of avocado (she loves that stuff:) I am still breastfeeding her, mostly at night but I give her a bottle in the day, usually consisting of rice milk. Recently I did some research on if it was okay to give rice milk to babies, and I came across a few articles, that rice milk contains arsenic and should not be given to babies, which completely freaked me out. So I am giving her half oat milk, half almond milk. Fortified of course. I think that the whole milk thing for kids is really misleading.There are so many other foods in the world that have equal if not more beneficial properties. Take the fortified "health" milks, not only do they have the same amount of calcium and vitamin D as cow's milk, but they also contain B vitamins and a whole lot of others.

So I did a little clean up of my blog, because some of the earlier recipes contained eggs and dairy.
Which I'm not into anymore. Don't worry though, I will revise the recipes and make them vegan!

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