Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mom & Dad

My mom and dad have been visiting for the past week...which is why I haven't posted lately. I only see my parents once a year ( two if I am really lucky). They live on the other side of the country, so I try to get in the best visit possible. With the time difference it takes them a few days just to adjust.

Living far away from family is hard, especially when you have a new baby.This was the first time my mom got to meet Simone, and she is already 5 months old! The next time...she will be walking and maybe even talking.

Every time my parents come to visit I have a list of things that I would like done. My dad is super handy, and loves helping me. He is not the kinda guy to just sit around...he loves to tinker. I did two hardware store runs. One with my mom who is the designer and color picker. One with my dad who is the handyman and measurement guy.

This trip we finished the mudroom! My dad finished the wainscoting and trim, my mom and I did the painting and she also sewed up these great cushions for my bench. We also made the hooks on the wall with a piece  of wood we found at the beach!!

I wish we lived closer, but we make it special by just hanging out and doing things together. It will be hard to say good bye tomorrow evening. But I hope to see them again real soon. Luv ya M &D.


  1. Oh my goodness, at first glance, I totally thought that was you in the first pic with your mom – she sure looks like you! Great pics, and I love the coat hook you guys made!
    Please say hi to your parents from me if you get this in time :)

  2. That bench looks so great! I know how hard it is to live away far away from family. My husband's parents live in Italy! We only see them every two years or so maybe less now that we've got two kids.

  3. Your parents look amazing....well done on the the gorgeous cushions. So nice for you all to catch up!

  4. Thanks ladies:)
    Katie we use to get the are you sisters comment, until I hit 30 :p

    KC..that is a hike to see family in Italy! Now my family don't seem SO far away!

    Tanya.. It was super nice, just wish they were here the week before!! +28 was pretty awesome:)

  5. My dad is the exact same way, every time they come for a visit the first words out of his mouth are, “what projects are you working on?”
    Your mudroom looks great. I wish I got to see my parents more frequently, if only I hadn’t moved halfway across the country, ha ha. I’m lucky that they rack up airmiles so quickly and come to visit a few times a year.