Thursday, December 1, 2011

'Tis the season

December has creeped up again, I feel like this year has gone by SO fast. I love the holiday home. Family, friends, baking, warm fires, baking, snow, crafts ( rum-nog) What's not to love?

I made a wreath last year and kept the frame. The frame is metal, I just composted the branches and put it away for the years to come. I got out my scissors this afternoon and walked around the yard clipping branches. It took me about  20 minutes to put this together. I pulled out some ribbon from the holiday box and a few small decorations to finish it off.

This morning I went to Ocean's Entrepreneur fair, this is her last year in Jr. High and all the students are required to make and sell a product.  Ocean and Becky (besties) choose to make moustaches on a stick! It was super loud in the gymnasium, but fun(nny). There was a lot of pet rocks for sale. HAHA.  I hope they sold out, otherwise family will be getting some moustaches for presents.

moustache boutique


  1. nice door kirsten. love the blue shingles!

  2. I love your wreath. I need to get one up ASAP. I love the blue house. I just love vibrantly colored homes (ours is sunny yellow).

  3. It's funny because I don't like the blue paint :P