Sunday, October 9, 2011

Giving thanks

harvest table
Its thanksgiving weekend and the weather is beautiful here in the Maritimes. Spending every afternoon at the beach I have lots to be thankful for. We don't have any other family here besides the four of us (soon to be 5!)  So we keep it pretty simple for holidays.

apple crisp

I made these individual apple crisps for dessert with the apples from our tree. Along with a lentil loaf, roasted brussel sprouts and the usual suspects...mash potatoes and stuffing!

A vegan thanksgiving dinner
I love stuffing, its my favorite part of holiday meals. This year I used up all the bread bits in my freezer, there were a lot! Threw in some fresh cranberries, apples, a little celery and onion sprinkled with some dried sage. I can't wait for stuffing sandwiches tomorrow!

apple cranberry stuffing

Sitting around the table together,  this is what I am thankful for at this moment...

My family, our health, the food and water we eat and drink each day, the fresh air I breathe, the moonlit walk I took last night, the warm sunny day spent at the beach, the life inside me that I will get to meet in a week or so.

 Happy Thanksgiving


  1. Beautiful Kirsten! There IS definitely so much to be thankful for. :D

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! Such a lovely dinner, it's nice to hear everything you're thankful for.

  3. Your plate of food looks lovely, especially the lentil loaf! Do you have a recipe?

  4. Hi Mandee...

    Here is the recipe I use :)