Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Italian Sausage Spaghetti

We had this for dinner tonight. J loves spaghetti, I probably make it once a week. When he was at the store he picked up some tofurky Italian sausage, and noticed the package has a pasta dish on it (using the sausages). He thought it looked yummy and asked me if I could make it. So I did :)

I use my basic TOMATO SAUCE recipe and added some dried chilies. The tofurky Italian sausages I cooked up separately. Not something I could eat often but once in a while they are good.

Vegan MOFO is in full swing and I have been enjoying reading a whole bunch of new blogs, checking out all this amazing vegan food going on out there in the world...its pretty cool. I am really digging Go Vegan Meow! all her recipes look SO GOOD! I can't wait to try out the homemade ravioli.

Seems like winter is creeping in, frost on the car windows and a trickle of snow fell yesterday.  Here come the toques, scarfs and mitts again out of the box. It is a challenge to post something everyday, mostly because when I make dinner its dark outside and getting a decent picture can be tough. Any tips would be greatly appreciated :)

I also made some focaccia bread...I intended to make bread sticks, but they turned more loaf-ish on the second rise.  O well...keep'n on the MOFO!


  1. Your picture so got my looks sooo good! And then I read your kind words..thank you so much. Especially coming from you, someone that creates such amazing recipes, it means a lot : ]
    I think I am going to make this for dinner next week. I've never tried Tofurkey's sausages before..I bet they're yummy.

  2. I have some Tofurky sausages sitting in my fridge now--this would be a great dish to make with them. Thanks for sharing!