Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Traveling to Fredericton

 running in the hallway hotel

We went to Fredericton, New Brunswick for a couple of days. J was on business and asked if we wanted to tag along.  I can never turn down an opportunity to stay in a hotel & swim in the pool :).

We have had a guest in our home the last couple of weeks, Ocean is pet sitting a bunny "Hopscotch". She didn't want to leave it  alone, so she asked if she could stay home by herself.  I thought about it, she is a good kid, so I said yes. We planned out an easy menu for her to make meals. I was a little worried, she would be scared at night but she slept in our bed and had a buffy-a-thon.  When we came home the laundry was all done and the house was clean!

Fredericton was a great little city. When I say little,  there is about 50,000 people and that is the capital city of New Brunswick! It's a super clean city, the houses are huge ( at least in the downtown district). The first day it rained so me and the little one stayed at the hotel, swam in the pool, ate lunch in the hotel, watched cartoons in bed, and managed to go for a walk around town once the rain stopped. There is a  bunch of cute stores there. I went into a used book store and poured over all the cookbooks.

There is not very many options for eating out vegan style here, so of course I happy cowed it. We went for dinner to a place called Caribbean Flavas. We both had a curry dish and the smoothie of the day, overall the meal was tasty.

The next day I took the little one to Wilmot park, it was a beautiful day and there was a wading pool! Since she is at that stage where  "I try" everything, meaning "don't hold my hand, I want to do it by myself". I thought it would be a great place to take her. She loved it!

I  managed to check out the Beaver Brook Art Gallery. I love visiting different cities, I always make time to go and see the galleries. It was on the small side but there was a few pieces that caught my eye. It was great cause the little one had fallen asleep, pooped from the pool, which gave me the chance to take my time and wander around.

We are back home and  moving day approaches. I feel a excited but a little overwhelmed with everything that needs to get done.  BREATHE


  1. Sounds great. I love taking business trips with my hubby.
    PS My town is about 50,000 and I grew up in a town of 1,000

  2. I really like not having to do anything. Its a treat staying in a hotel :) Holy cow...that is a small town!! I think I would go bonkers.