Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Garlicky Green Beans with Gomasio

What would summer be without fresh green beans and garlic? I got these delicious morsels from the vegetable garden stand at the end of the elderly couples driveway, for 2 bucks! A huge bag. I also got fresh onions, cucumbers, and a big zucchini. I pass by it every morning, so I think I get the best pickins :)

I am still waiting for my beans to get bigger. I know that I have mentioned that I don't really have a green thumb...maybe its just for certain things. My orchid that I got for my birthday, loves me and has bloomed several times. Perhaps its a watering thing, because I never water it, I can be neglectful when it comes to taking care of plants :(  My beans are also thriving, which surprised me because after they sprouted it seemed like they were being attacked by bugs (lots of holes in the leaves). So I sorta gave up on my veggie garden. I was out there looking at it feeling very depressed, after all the hard work I put into digging the grass up and my dad helping me put up the fence, seeing nothing growing but weeds. Until I seen a little red flower, and a small vine crawling up the teepee I made. I thought to myself....could I actually get some veggies?

 Here is a picture of my green bean teepee!

For now I am relying on the veggie stand for my green beans, but when I pick my own I will be SO HAPPY!

Garlicky green beans with gomasio

2 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp sesame oil
1/4 cup onion-minced
5 cloves garlic- minced
2 tbsp seasoned rice vinegar
3 tbsp gomasio
sea salt
freshly ground pepper

In a cast iron pan- heat oil add onions and garlic, saute on medium/low heat until golden
Add beans and saute until soft 4-5 minutes
Add vinegar- saute until beans are desired tenderness.
sprinkle with gomasio, salt and pepper

Gomasio is toasted sesame seeds, ground up with sea salt.


  1. The green beans look heavenly. I think gomasio is one of my favorite condiments!

  2. I have a fear of green beans, but I think I could love these.

  3. So simple and delicious! This looks really great!

  4. Oh your bean teepee is too cute!

  5. Thank you for the delicious idea!!