Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lemon & Ginger Kombucha and my not so green thumb

Here is my first batch of Kombucha. I am pretty stoked that it turned out, no mold on the mother and it is tasty. Originally I thought I was suppose to leave it for a month...then I started reading other blogs and finding out that if you leave it to long it will turn into vinegar. Not what I am trying to make.

Everything I read said to taste it, so I poked my finger into the big jar with the SCOBY, and tasted it. Low and behold it tasted pretty darn good and it was super fizzy! BONUS :) I think because its been so humid here that it must of increased the fermentation? All in all it was in the big jar for 11 days.

I am not sure, but when the weather gets colder it might take longer?

Kombucha taste good on its own, but why not enhance the flavor?
Once I drained the tea from the mother I added grated ginger and a couple lemon wedges. Supposedly you can make it more carbonated by letting it sit for a couple more days.....I think its bubbly enough. Once I had a shot of it, I felt neat inside. Its hard to describe but I felt happy. Maybe it was just the happiness that is worked... I have read that it can make you feel euphoric?

With the success of the Kombucha brings me some failure in the garden :(
Perhaps its that I have had bigger things on my mind. No excuses!! I have had luck with container gardening...maybe because there are no weeds to pull, no bugs to eat your veggies ( which was the main problem for me) I went out to look at it the other day, and it was pitiful. I felt bad because I thought it would be easy to grow food. I was wrong.  I got 1 radish, yes 1.
Radishes are suppose to be one of the easiest things to grow.pfff. I feel defeated.

On to better friends have said not to give up, and I wont. I think that I am better suited to containers. I like the idea of a veggie garden, and hey next summer I might plant some more. I won't start from seed. Its hard with these east coast summers, I think there is only 2 months of actually growing time.

On the positive side I have a salad growing on my deck! Which I clipped some out of and made a tasty salad with orange segments and red onion.

and a big pot of chocolate mint a friend gave me last summer that is thriving!
I think it was smart of me to save my tomato plants for pots, they seem to be happy.
I feel that because it was my first time...I won't give up. I WILL grow my own food, and I do have a pumpkin still growing, fingers crossed it will make it to see Halloween and then soup!!


  1. Congrats on your kobucha success! :)

  2. Fun! I'm on batch #3 of my kombucha and this time I'm throwing in peaches!
    Yes, when it's will take longer. Just keep taste testing and it will all be alright. 1 month would be way too long!
    What kind of tea are you using may I ask?
    I always use black tea, but think I'll use green tea next time 'round.

    Don't be so hard on your garden. Your mint and tomatoes look great! OUr chocolate mint couldn't grow faster than the kids could eat sad...poor minty.

  3. Hi Kirsten thanks for dropping by my blog..hope the anjou gem turned out is rt now on the top of my was gin a few month back..i wonder what will be next.
    And about the green thumb..i feel herbs died on me a week after they sprouted..ur waaay better

  4. Noelle...Thanks! I am happy that it turned I just need to find someone to give the baby to :)

    MoonMama...I am using black tea, actually it called breakfast tea? Its not organic or a fancy kind. Maybe I will try to make the green tea, once I have established a few?
    I know, growing a garden takes time and its definitely a learning as you grow kinda thing.
    Thanks :)

    Openbook...YES! The anjou gem was DE-licious! I use to drink gin, it was my perferred drink when I went out dancing. Thanks for the garden support.hehe