Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer strawberry cream pie

I love summer...especially love the fruit it brings. There is always a special place in my stomach for strawberries :P This year I am going to take the girls to the berry farm, and pick some. Last year we went blueberry picking, we enjoyed ourselves...17 pounds later.

Its been a pretty nice June for us here in Nova Scotia, sunshine one day and fog the next :P I am at the Hubbard's Barn Farmers Market again tomorrow, selling my vegan goodies.What better to celebrate summer then fresh local strawberries!

I picked up a couple of baskets and at first I was thinking strawberry muffins, keeping in mind that the market is a morning thing,and then I thought why not make mini-pies or tarts?

I made the pie crust with vegetable shortening. The filling is similar to my coconut banana cream pie, but this time I used half almond milk, half coconut milk.  Sliced the fresh strawberries, and arranged them nicely. TA-DA! Done :)

I still have a basket of strawberries left....muffins?


  1. The tarts are just beautiful — they look so fresh and elegant.

  2. Yum! I love tarts! ... and hey, remember when we used to go berry picking :o)

  3. They look so fresh and tempting!!!

  4. HOW beautiful!! Check out the recipe I posted on my FB page:

    I used my leftover strawberries. SO good! Have good sales tomorrow at the market!

  5. Yummy. Dont have tart pans...can I make one BIG one (all for me?!?)?
    Nature Table - Yes, definitely wait until she's 2. You could start by just putting out silks in appropriate seasonal colors and adding some wool balls or large sticks that she won't put in her mouth. :)

  6. Your tarts look absolutely delicious

  7. Thanks friends!
    Katie...Yes I do remember when we use to go berry picking,hehe. Now I just go for fun with my kids, not to make 10 cents!

    Noelle...Wow, great foodies think alike! Its the season for berries.

    MoonMama...Yes make a big one! but you have to refrigerate it for it to set, oh yeah, I didn't add the spices to the filling. O' silkies and wool..hmmm are they vegan?

  8. I didn't know you were also in NS!
    I'm in halifax, have you ever considered selling at the HRM Farmers market in the keith's brewary?

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