Thursday, February 2, 2012

This kitchen is seasoned with love

Today was the day that my kitchen back splash got installed! I am so excited, I had to share. It looks beautiful. I picked out these tiles before the renovation even started. I fell in love with them.

I had a design concept in mind when we started, I just really wanted it to be open with a nice flow. This is a monumental moment for me. First kitchen, first renovation, finally finished..minus the dishwasher.
2012 is the year of the dishwasher!!


  1. Thanks ladies. It was worth the wait!

  2. Beautiful! I love it. The colors, the design... you did a great job picking it out. Congratulations and enjoy :)

  3. that back splash is amazing!!! B-E-A-Utiful!!!

  4. Great pick on the backsplash! I believe, without the lines shown, your kitchen wall would look plain. Keep the counter top always free from any kind of kitchen stuff on it. It would make your kitchen very welcoming and clean all the time, like this one in the picture.

    Herb Koguchi @Kroll Window