Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chilly night and a yummy meal

Its been raining for days, and the wind is chilly. Last night we got our wood stove up and running. It was really nice to sit on the couch and feel the house warm up. Leeluu loves getting the fire going with her dad, its pretty cute. They go outside and chop wood and then bring it in and declare themselves "fire buddies", while they get it going.

I make a rice bowl meal once a week. I really like brown rice and the veggies are basically all raw (except I steam up some broccoli). There are a bunch of good restaurants that make rice bowls but we live SO far away that I recreated my own.

The key to a good rice bowl is a good sauce! Sometimes I make a peanut sauce, and other times I make a tahini sauce ( I add a garlic clove and some miso) I really like the  reFresh cookbook  tahini sauce too!

Basically for a rice bowl you need to cook up a pot of rice, shred up your favorite veggies. Make a sauce and sprinkle seeds and nuts on, add tofu or tempeh if you like.  Really easy and super yummy!


  1. nothing says comfort like a good rice bowl - and fireside too? so cozy!

  2. Mmmmm, bowls with a good sauce are perfect for cozy night by the fire. Tahini and peanut are my favorites. I have great memories of helping my Dad build fires when I was young. The pleasures of Fall :)