Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Vegetarian Haven restaurant review

king prawn tempura

We decided to walk down the street and find somewhere to eat, our friend made the suggestion on where to walk. As we read all the different Asian food signs we were pleasantly surprised when we came across this one. What a great restaurant, I love going into a candle lit restaurant with ambient music playing in the background. Our server was super friendly and was helpful on what to pick on the completely vegan menu!

J ordered the king prawn Tempura with a cocktail sauce for us to share, they were so delicious and tasted like the real thing, only better because no animals were harmed:)
I was excited for my meal...A spicy Bali noodle stir fry with tempeh with a sweet and spicy pineapple peanut sauce. The tempeh was my favorite part of the dish. It tasted so fresh, I have never tasted it like that before.

yum yum

We kept the dessert menu at the table, drooling over all the things they had to offer. Including a cookie, pie, or cake ice-cream smoothie! I really wanted the tofu creme brulee but unfortunately they were all out( it's my favorite dessert). I settled on the spiced carrot cake, which was perfect. J got the apple fritters with maple syrup and a scoop of ice cream, which were equally tasty.

The restaurant was full and the service was great. I enjoyed my meal very much. I will definitely go back for more when I have the chance.


  1. YUM! I just love discovering a good veg restaurant!

  2. Wow, I actually did a double-take at your blog title to make sure it was still a vegan food blog because I thought those prawns were the real deal! :)

  3. I had to ask the waitress if she was sure that these were vegan. HA :D

  4. Where is this restaurant? Any links? Address? Menu?

    Love the review.

    Marty's Flying Vegan Review

  5. Thanks Marty...

    17 Baldwin St, Toronto, ON Canada