Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Growing sprouts

Sprouts are a living food which are very nutritious, they are full of vitamins and minerals.

To grow sprouts you will need.....

1 large jar
sprouting seeds- clover, alfalfa, etc
cheese cloth or screen
1 elastic band

pour 2 tbsp of seeds into jar
cover with water (about 2 inches)
attach cheesecloth on top of jar with an elastic band
let sit overnight

In the morning drain the water out
rinse the seeds with more water
drain again,
and turn upside down onto a smaller bowl

Rinse and drain 2-3 times through out the day
The sprouting process takes about 3 to 4 days until you have home grown sprouts!

Refrigerate once the majority of them have sprouted.


  1. I remember growing sprouts in kindergarten - so much fun!

  2. I love sprouts on my sandwiches so this would be a great thing for me to start growing. Great activity to get my son involved with too!

  3. I can grow sprouts with a cheesecloth?! I've been wanting to grow them for so long but thought I had to buy a special little pot. Thank you for the heads up!