Thursday, November 11, 2010

Coconut banana flax waffles

It is my daughters 14th birthday, and we are celebrating this morning with waffles! She loves pancakes, but I thought it would be fun to dust off the waffle machine ( I haven't used it for years). I am planning on making some owl cupcakes for her...check them out at happy vegan face.

I am loving all the new blogs I am discovering because of Vegan MOFO. There is so many recipes that I can't wait to try. It is challenging trying to post something everyday, but it is also fun trying to come up with recipes.

I had a poll on my blog asking my readers what they would like to see/read more of? Kid friendly was voted for the most, so that is what my goal is for a little bit trying to  making fun vegan food for kids.

1/2 ripe banana-mushed
1 cup non-dairy milk ( I used rice)
2 tbsp coconut oil melted + 1 tbsp for brushing on waffle maker
1 tbsp ground flax seed- mixed with 3 tbsp boiling hot water

1 cup flour
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt

Mix up wet add to dry.
Use waffle machine according to direction.
Brush a some melted coconut oil on the griddle before adding the batter.


  1. Great post! I’m looking to make some changes in my own eating habits, so I appreciate your insight a lot! Thank you. I recently stumbled upon this blog like I did yours and I thought your readers may appreciate it:

    I’ve started to look for their stuff more regularly and I think I’m going to add your blog to my list as well. Thanks for the post!


  2. MoFo is a great way to discover new blogs and find lots of tasty recipes to try, fo 'sho! your coconut bananaa flax waffles look perfect! i love the grapefruit, too - it's so colorful! what a fantastical (and delicious) way to start your daughter's birthday, and i hope it was filled with everything she loves the most! :) i also hope the cuppy cakes worked out - they're pretty fun to make. might i also add, your black bean and rice enchilada looked so super yummy! i think it's about time dan and i had some enchiladas - 'cause i've got a craving for them now, and i love that ya made your own red sauce, too. w00t!

  3. Ooh, I'll have to try these! Lovely presentation, too!

  4. Amy...I love it when I find a blog I like randomly. Thanks :)

    Jessy...I made the cupcakes and they were really good! Thank you for your kind words.

  5. These sound great! I'm trying them out on the family this weekend!

  6. You must be reading my mind! I've been craving homemade waffles and was serching for a recipe to use!! Guess I found it ;)

  7. Yummy! I love banana in waffles and pancakes so I really like the addition of the coconut!

  8. I have not made waffles in forever! I may have to dust off my waffle iron as well. These look fantastic!

  9. These waffles look amazing!! Nutritious too!

  10. This sounds so delcious. They sound like a perfect birthday breakfast!

  11. I love these!! Creative waffles and healthy too!

  12. Sounds like a great waffle to me! Now I have to find coconut oil

  13. Excellent way to start off a birthday morning. :) Beautiful waffles.

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