Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fudgy Wudgy

When my daughter came home after school with her friend, she said we had "no good food", meaning no junk food. HA! She then kindly asked me to make some brownies for them to eat, after dinner of course :)

It turned out pretty good for using an old oven that SUCKS!!! I am going oven shopping this weekend. I definitely want a convection oven...any recommendations?

Back to the brownie/cake/yumminess....I usually don't take chances with baking, so I was thumbing through my cookbooks. Of course the Rebar cookbook is one of my favorites. Everything in the book always turns out great, and this was no exception.

I have had my hardship with vegan brownie making.sometimes they just don't taste good. Too oily or crunchy or something just doesn't taste right. But this one....if you love chocolate you won't be disappointed.


  1. Hi - new foodbuzz friend here:). I'm a big Rebar fan too - with one exception, the brownies. They turned out too cakey for me.. though I do tend to tinker with recipes so that could have been my downfall! Yours looks fabulous.

  2. Hi - will you be sharing the recipe?

  3. You can get the recipe from the Rebar cookbook :)