Sunday, June 6, 2010

A few of my favorite places

Parc La Fontaine, a beautiful green space smack in the middle of the city. We were lucky the weather was warm and sunny, I use to ride my bike through this park all the time. It really is a lovely spot to hang out under the trees to escape the city heat.
 I miss Montreal....I wish I lived closer.
Living in this city makes life easier in many ways...YOU DON'T NEED A CAR! Which is something I miss quite a lot :(  There has been some cool new additions to the city...the Bixi bike, I am going to try out while I am here. When I get time to myself, I love biking, especially through a city. You see things you would never normally see, and you can stop anywhere. I will post my experience using it this week :)

Another favorite place, The Jean-Talon Market. I took the kids there and filled up with fresh fruits and vegetables...and gourmet sorbet! Its open all year but of course the best selection is in the summer, lucky for me.

I can't forget about why we are visiting Montreal, Piknic  Electronik, well actually we came for the MUTEK festival, but I can't go because its held mostly at venues that have an age limit :P. I can go to the piknic because kids are allowed, it is usually held every Sunday in Parc Jean Drapeau. Its fun to listen to music, dance, bring the kids and drink and eat with friends.
This is the stucture which the DJ and everyone dances under!
One of the highlights of the parc is that there is a geodesic dome. 

We had a great evening. We went out for Indian food, and came back to the cottages and had a fire, played UNO and drank some wine.

It been raining all day, I had to drive into the city to drop off a good friend and one of Oceans who came up to the cottage over the weekend. This is my beautiful Ocean and her bubblegum in the back seat of the car. I love this picture.


  1. My boyfriend played at Mutek this year!! I had to stay home though :(

    Jean-Talon reminds me of fresh garlic. And colorful stands, so beautifully presented...

  2. Oh my fav pic is the one of the mushrooms! Yum!
    Looks like you're having fun. :)

  3. Good golly Ocean looks so much like you at that age, hey!

  4. cool that your boyfriend played at MUTEK! What's his DJ name?
    Jean-Talon market is such a great place to spend a morning or afternoon. I love how everything looks so perfect:)


    Katie...I know most people mistake us for sisters!!haha

  5. Hi Kirsten! He played with If Then Do. I believe it was Thursday. It is quite cute as we met at Mutek 6 or 7 years ago now!!! He was playing under his own name then. We had to both go to Montreal to meet one another, then come back to Outaouais (Hull-Ottawa) and finally move in together.

    Jean Talon is exceptional - nothing in Ottawa looks like that. I love how they showcase the food.

  6. I want to go to Canada, really bad. I love the beautiful shots and the stories and all that coolness you have going on up there!

  7. Nice places and pics! I love the greek flat bread recipe. Have a great day!

  8. its not just 'a geodesic dome', it is the biggest geodesic dome... expo 67... designed by bucky himself