Sunday, May 26, 2013

Wild Leek Food & Juice Bar

I have been MIA as of lately, I miss blogging. I have a new love...all my time and energy is spent with that. I thought I would share some photos of the progress of Wild Leek Food & Juice Bar.

So far everything has been pretty smooth. I am SO excited to get into the kitchen and start cooking! The restaurant is looking great, and I have learned so much, floor sanders are cool ( quite a bit different than using a mixer haha).

I met a cool new friend that is going to work with me..her name is Andie. I can only imagine the kinds of things we are going to create together. The other day we tested out all the juice and smoothie recipes...mmm.

I hope some of you will stop by if your in town... and if you are not local, I will post pics as often as I can. You can follow the daily specials here or here or here!


  1. So happy for you and excited to watch your progress.

  2. You've made the place look very inviting Kirsten. I love the green. The food looks delicious. Look forward to more photos.


  3. Had the 'Wild Salad' with tofu today are really liked it. Will be back soon. Great place you have. And, just for uncle had a fish and chips in this location in the late 50's and early 60's.

    1. Thanks Jim! I have heard lots about that space. It's neat to think that it has gone through so many transformations.