Monday, October 29, 2012

Autumn meals { vegan style }

Hey everyone I have not been the best at participating in Vegan MOFO this year.  I was SO excited about it  too, had all my recipe plans and then I didn't really do much. I guess life got in the way.

My mom is in town, and I had other family visiting earlier, along with my two wee ones birthdays. Just settling into how things will be for me for me on my own too. It has been a busy month...

Anyhow I have been sharing a few of my meals that I have made on my facebook page! If you have not yet 'liked', you should! And if you have a facebook page. Leave me a comment and I will like it too!

I have made some yummy Autumn harvest meals the last couple of weeks...I hope you had a excellent weekend!

Roasted curry cauliflower soup
pan seared garlicy tofu with roasted autumn veggies and onion gravy
Eggless salad sandwiches with home-made pickles
tofurky polish sausage breakfast bun! 
confetti cake!


  1. that all looks great! also, i used the exact same candles on my kid's birthday cake on friday!

  2. Yum, curried cauliflower soup is one of my favorites. Great job on the cake, it looks so pretty!
    Hope you're enjoying time with family.

  3. Great photos and ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Kirsten! That curry cauliflower soup looks so tasty! I'd love the recipe (I'm trying to be a bit more brave in the kitchen... hehe) also, I think I might try homemade pickles too! Thanks for the idea :)