Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Leeluu picked out this sword while we were on our European adventure, it has become one of the favourite play/bug/poke/ people with toys. I think it is kinda funny, because she has such a strong personality. Lately she has been playing with it quite a bit. It came down to the beach with us yesterday  and Simone was the caretaker of the sword.

As I was scrolling through the photos I took, I seen this and it reminded me of She-Ra princess of power. I use to love that show, and watch it religiously every Saturday morning. Leeluu hasn't seen it yet, but she is really into all those girl power shows. Sailormoon in particular. What shows do you remember growing up watching?


  1. I remember She-Ra very vividly...good times :)

  2. I loved She-Ra... and Rainbow Bright... and Jem :)

    And I love the pics of your girls... they are just too cheek pinchable!