Thursday, May 10, 2012

Our European adventure: part one

my version of patatas bravas!

Hola from Spain! This has been an amazing adventure, so many sites to see and things to do. We can not possibly do them all ( although we are trying). The first week we were here, staying at hotels was hard because I was unable to do any cooking. Which means eating out....with the language barrier I am sure I have eaten some non-vegan friendly food! HA We have tried our best though. From here on in, we are staying at apartments with kitchens. I really enjoy the markets here, just buying groceries is an experience. I am now looking forward to cooking for my family for the remainder of the trip.

Simone has started to eat which is fun. She has taken a liking to olives! I have also given her fresh strawberries, avocado, banana, and peaches, and even a little taste of baguette :)

I enjoyed being in the south of France very much. We visited with some friends in a town called Pezenas.  So far this has been my favorite place on the trip...fresh food and antique markets made it even more charming. We have rented a car and the driving has been great! ( thanks to the GPS hehehe). There is grape fields everywhere!!


 We have stopped in little towns here and there, and are now back in Spain. Spent the day at the Guggenheim yesterday in Bilbao. What a site to be seen!

At this point I think the whole family has adjusted to the way of life for the next little while. We are making our way into Portugal in the next few days, but before we do that we are going to do a few beach sessions! I hope to post some food in the next little bit. I hope you enjoyed reading my friend Maria's guest post about vegan parenting. I know I did! Look for her next post coming soon to my blog!


  1. How beautiful!! Reminds me of the Argentine Ensaladas where there was a ton of stuff and greens were not used much. You could have a bowl of avocados, carrots, olives, garlic, beets, beans, etc...and it was wonderful!

  2. Will you be going to Barcelona or Madrid? They're great cities! Looking forward to hearing some vegan dining experienes from either if so!

  3. Yes that is exactly what we will be eating!

    We will be back in Barcelona for a week at the end of our trip. I am hoping to eat at at least a couple vegan places:)

  4. What fun! I've always wanted to go to Spain. I hope you show some more market photos!