Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rainbow cupcakes

We have been so spoiled in the past week, so much sunshine!! It felt great to go to the beach and wear shorts. It was +28 in March!! It didn't last, but it was such a treat. Just a little reminder of what summer feels like at the end of winter. It is back down to normal now...-1. hahaha

I have been keeping busy with the travel plans, and the kids. Yesterday I wanted a cupcake but didn't have any inspiration, so I hit up the corner store. I wanted to grab an extract of some kind, but there wasn't any. The store by our house has lots of interesting things, I came across these rainbow sour strips, my daughter calls them " gay bacon", I think that's cute :) So these happened and I am glad they did!


  1. Amazing! Do you have a recipe for these?

  2. Hi Cookie Fairy!
    I used a white vegan cake recipe from vegweb and a pretty simple sour cream vegan frosting that I made.

    Sour cream frosting

    2 tbsp earth balance,
    2 tbsp tofutti sour cream
    1 1/2 cups icing sugar
    1 tsp vanilla extract.

    Beat with electric mixer until fluffy. Sometimes you need a little more icing sugar and if it seems too clumpy add a tbsp of soymilk.

  3. Cute and colorful "gay bacon"! Summer truly brings out fun and enjoyable moments. =)

  4. I know Raquel...summer feels like its not too far away!!

  5. These may well be the cutest cupcakes I've ever seen. Great job!