Thursday, March 1, 2012

Girls night!

You are never to old for a sleepover with a good friend! A nice evening was spent drinking wine, eating  good food and watching a girly movie. 

Leeluu giving the little man some love. ( I guess it wasn't completely a girls night:P)

I made a classic Chinese dish "TVP and broccoli" with rice. It was tasty....

Keri made the most delicious vegan chocolate pudding cake..from the cookbook " How It All Vegan ".
I must get my hands on that book now!

Girly talk before we watched the movie and tucked the babies into bed.


  1. Aww how fun! Simone is so big already!

  2. I know she is growing like crazy, a couple weeks ago she was 15.5 pounds.That is one big vegan baby!!

  3. Sounds perfect! I highly recommend the cookbook!

  4. I had such a good time. We'll have to do it again soon! Thanks for everything Kirsten. Xoxo

  5. My favorite weekends are when a girlfriend comes on the ferry for a sleepover. Best chats, best of times for sure. Wishing you many more of these.