Monday, February 20, 2012


Every time I go to the beach I find some glass, over time it has grown to a pretty fine collection and  has become a hobby for me. Leeluu loves looking for it..."treasure hunting" as she calls it.  Some people believe that sea glass is just like, or even better than precious gems!

The color of the glass determines where it came from...the browns and greens usually come from bottles, but it is the blues and purples that I love. They have a history that date back to the late 19 century.

When the tide is low is the best time to go hunting, its very addictive and relaxing! Do you collect anything?


  1. Cool! I love the sea...we are pretty landlocked here. I have a few different collections, but mostly they are just practical collections. I love yours though

  2. Oh beautiful! I'm not much of a interests seem to blow where the wind takes me...but I do love your collection of sea glass!

  3. Wow, what a creative way to put what others would discard into beautiful use! How did you connect them? Are they sharp or rounded by a type of erosion when you find them?

  4. Blessed...I didn't connect them, it is just a jar poured out onto the floor. It would be neat to do something with them though....hmmmm
    The glass is rounded softened by the sand, rocks and waves. If I do find a piece that is still pretty new, I throw it back into the sea.

  5. Seeing that picture reminds me of Glassy Beach from my hometown in Newfoundland :)