Monday, February 13, 2012

Bake a little love

lemon sugar cookies

I made these for Leeluu's preschool valentines party tomorrow. Did you ever make the little paper bag mailboxes in school? I did. It was fun. We made some cards so she can deliver them to all her friends.

I have a menu plan for tomorrow evening..I am making ravioli and some kind of raw dessert.  What are your plans for valentines day, do you eat in or dine out?


  1. Raw dessert: one ripe banana, one avocado, 1 tsp maple 1 tbsp cocoa. Put it all in a blender and enjoy.

  2. Sounds good! I am going to make a raw cake thing, with nuts and dates...and chocolate! :P

  3. Those are great! I think we will stay in tomorrow, but I will make it special. I imagine that Eric will get me flowers. Cordelia will get a sweet V-day stuffed animal and then I will make a themed meal. We'll probably dress up...but not certainly, pregnant ladies aren't always interested in dressing up.

  4. Those are really cute!

    This might sounds weird, but we have absolutely no plans for Valentine's days. Although it is marketed all over the place here in Germany, this day doesn't feel like a genuine holiday to me.So we usually ignore it.

    Which doesn't mean I am anti-valentine's. I hope you enjoy your day.