Friday, December 23, 2011

Vegan sausage rolls!

When I was a kid right around this time of year my mom would make these amazing little sausage rolls. Her pastry was flaky and perfect. I called her wanting the recipe, to try and veganize it....and then I came across a recipe here

It sounded good, so I gave it a try. Man o man...these are GOOD! I didn't have the non-beef cube so I just used a veggie one, and I made my own pastry for it.  This was a trial run last night but I have a big bowl of filling in the fridge and I am going to have a small sausage roll factory in my kitchen this afternoon. 

I have a huge list of yummy things I will be making over the next few days, the camera is broken(again).Which really sucks, because I pick my brother and his wife up at the train station tomorrow. I don't see him often, so this is a special time that we will be spending together, plus he will get to meet Simone. Stupid camera!!

I am sure that I will have a chance to use someones camera phone though :P If not...

Merry Christmas Everyone! 
 Joy, love and peace.


  1. Hey, thanks for stopping by our blog and trying our recipe! We're really glad that they're working out as a replacement for an old family favourite.

    Merry Christmas. :-)

  2. I've made that recipe a few times now and it's always a hit. So good!