Saturday, December 17, 2011

Favorite ornament

Way back in 1997 I found this little guy at Thomas Hobbs shop in Vancouver. It is my favorite ornament.  I love his little wiggle legs, his friendly face and that he is made out of tin. Do you have a favorite?


  1. My parents have my favorite ornament. When Eric and I were dating in high school he was invited to decorate for Christmas, but my brother's friend wasn't allowed. My brother had a meltdown and made Eric feel bad. When my brother calmed down he felt guilty so he taped our prom pic to a wooden spoon and made a weird ornament.

  2. What I like to do about ornaments is let my kids each pick one from my childhood box each year to keep as their own. It's fun for me to watch them sort them, and then I can enjoy them appreciating it year after year.

  3. yay! I love christmas ornaments so much. I have many favorites... but most of them are still at my parents' house. Also, you won one of my holiday cookbooklettes! Send me your mailing address to ameyfm (at) yahoo (dot) com Fun!

  4. Bwahaha..sounds cool, you should get it for your tree!

    Blessed...neat idea!

    Amy...Yay!! Can't wait to get my hands on your zine:)