Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Cloth Diapering you may say
Is too much for your busy day
But let me tell you why you're wrong
I promise you this won't take long
Did you know there are chemicals
Hiding out in your disposables
Besides who wants to use all that plastic
all that garbage makes me spastic
And cloth is not as gross as you may think
I rarely even have a stink
All you need is a wet bag
and all that mess is not a drag
But 'sposies are easy you make utter
Cloth is too!- did I stutter?
I can diaper in a park
I can diaper in the dark
I can diaper in the car
I can diaper when afar
I can diaper here or there
I can diaper anywhere!
So take those 'sposies, throw them out
Cloth is easy when your about!
Thus my poem comes to an end
Hope you still want to be my friend.



  1. You know I really struggled to choose what diapering method to use. There was some really compelling research out of Great Britain that suggested cloth diapers ended up depleting more resources than the alternative. That said the whole chemical business is creepy. How did you make your decision?

  2. It just made sense to me, it's more cost effective for us as a family to reuse diapers from 3 children. I bought 30 or so flannel diapers when my first was born 15 years ago, and then used those on my second child. After they got a little raggedy, I bought some new AIO diapers and used those, now the third baby will get to use them too! I love the feel and look of cloth diapers, compared to the smell and feel of plastic. I can't see them harming the environment, we are already washing our clothes and using the toilet. If you mean "depleting" by water and energy, 1 or two loads a week of diapers compared to the average amount of waste put out by disposable diapers is astronomical.

  3. I like this post. I still haven't used the cloth diapers that I bought yet because Serafina is going through so many diapers a day right now. I know that it is more me just being lazy about it so this has inspired me to start CDing.