Tuesday, May 17, 2011

1 pound a week

It was a great first farmers market! I had a really nice time meeting new friends and seeing some old ones. I love living in Nova Scotia, people are so friendly and I feel part of a community. I will have a table at the Hubbards Farmers Market every other Saturday, so come by and say "Hi"!

This week I went to the doctors for my four week check up. I am 18 weeks into my pregnancy and I have gained 2 pounds. The doctor told me it was normal at this stage but in the next 20 weeks that I need to put on a pound a week! That sorta scared me. Not that I am worried about gaining weight but just the task alone being a vegan gaining that much weight seems hard. Pasta, nuts and avocados it is! I would love to hear or read about some other vegan pregnancy....

The camera is broken so I have to take it in to get looked at, so I won't have any new pictures for a little bit. boo:( Hopefully its nothing major and I will get it back soon. I might be recycling some of my photos in the mean time.

I found this vegan joke and thought it was funny.

Q: What do vegan zombies eat?
A: Graiinnnzzzz

(we like our zombie movies in this family)


  1. I love Nova Scotia! My family is from there and I lived in PEI for a while. But I'm back in T.O. now. I would love to check out the N.S Farmer's Markets.

    Good luck in your vegan pregnancy, that must be difficult for finding different ideas since I'm sure your tastes are changing quite a bit too.

  2. I had a vegan pregnancy and I gained about 18lbs. People were "concerned", but the doctor assured me that I was probably the healthiest pregnancy he had dealt with. I ate normally just adding one afternoon snack a day. I also had a prenatal vitamin daily. I drank soy milk fortified with Omega 3 fatty acids and generally tried to keep things the same. Email me if you have any questions!

  3. T...Nova Scotia is a wonderful place, I feel very fortunate to say I live here. Thanks :)

    Maria...that is about how much weight I would like to gain. I do take the prenatal vitamins. Your little girl is a beauty :)