Friday, January 21, 2011

Calling all foodies

A contest for everyone (Canadians). Think you might have the best recipe in town? 
Think its worth$250,000 ?  Then you should sign up for this. 
Open call auditions are happening all over Canada, and right here in my neck of the woods! I am planning on taking a friend or two along with our mouth watering dishes to serve the judges. This is going to be a blast, just to watch all the comings and goings. 

Its like a Canadian Cooking Idle, I'm in are you?

Mark it on your calendars...

Saturday, February 5 @ the delta on Barrington street


  1. Good luck! I hope your recipe impresses the judges and you win!

  2. Thanks Andrea :) I am just going to go for fun...with hopes of winning the jackpot! :)