Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mama Mia it's vegan PIZZA!

For the last couple of days I have been craving PIZZA!! There is nothing better then ooy-goey cheezey pizza on homemade dough,  piping hot from the oven. It's hard to find the right fake cheeze to melt properly on pizza. Our grocery store is not very vegan friendly but it does carry a few of them is this gourmet vegan cheese product. It's tasty and I feel that I got my pizza fix.

I have always love the Hawaiian style pizza, as a kid and now adult. Its by far superior to any other type of pizza. If you try and argue that...well I will meet you out at the bike racks after school. lol

I have packed almost all of my cookbooks.and I really love the Martha Stewart recipe for pizza dough, but since I couldn't remember it.

3 cups flour
1 cup warm water
1 tbsp cane sugar
1 tbsp quick rising yeast
2 tbsp olive oil

In a small bowl mix warm water and sugar together, sprinkle in yeast. Mix with a fork until combined.
Set aside for 5-10 minutes until foamy.
Pour into flour, add oil.
Mix together, form a ball. ( you might need to add a little more water, just to bring all the flour together)
Knead for 5 minutes. Place in large bowl with tea towel over top until doubles in size.

As you can see I made 2 pizzas with this dough recipe. One with pineapples, mushrooms, olives and fresh basil. The other has tomatoes, mushrooms, green peppers, and fresh green onions.

I know these pictures have nothing to do with pizza but....

I went out this afternoon to the local thrift store and found these neato scarfs...super floaty and whimsical. I think she liked them :)
We like to work the no pants in this house.hehe


  1. Yum, pizza! Not a fan of pineapple on pizza myself, but yours looks great! I wouldn't turn down a slice of that.
    And your little girl looks so happily engrossed in her beautiful scarves. Lovely.

  2. Oh Kirsten, I think your pizza looks DELISH! I love a good crust recipe! That photo with the scarves--just precious! What a deal you got--don't you love deals?!

  3. I love vegan pizza too! I pulled out a bunch of vintage scarves and have been playing with them with my daughter as well!

  4. Looks delicious. Not a big fan of vegan cheese, but if you can suggest one, I'm game. We should have most of them at the Whole Foods near my house. Thanks!

  5. We picked up Daiya cheese (the new "best" vegan cheese) and made pizzas tonight. I basically use the same recipe, but no sugar. Yummy!