Friday, July 2, 2010


A few months ago a girlfriend and I went to a workshop on beneficial bacteria. We learned about making kraut and kefir but the coolest part was the KOMBUCHA I was super intrigued by this alien looking thing in a huge glass jar. 

The people that were hosting the workshop were really informative and gave us a taste of it. It had been brewed with ginger and lemon, it was fizzy and very tasty. I had seen the health drinks in the stores, but I have always been reluctant to buy one. Probably because they can be expensive.

So what is Kombucha? Its a  is a fermented beverage made of tea and bacteria cultures. Suppose to have healing properties? I have read a bit about it and decided that it sounded neat and was something I wanted to try.

So I have been on the look out for a baby since. Now when I say "baby"....if you are lucky enough to know someone whom has kept theirs happy, it will grow another one. You are suppose to give it away, to keep the cycle going. A friend of a  friend has been successful with theirs and asked if I wanted one.  Ummm...YEAH!

This afternoon my friend came over with a SCOBY ( Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast ) for me! I had to Google what to do with it. Apparently you brew some sweet tea, and let it cool, pour the baby in a big glass jar let it sit for 20 or so days drain and drink.

I am excited to see what happens. Have you ever tried growing you own kombucha? If you have what are your experiences with it?


  1. Truthfully, it scares the crap out of me to even try. I like seeing others try and succeed with this particular venture. :)

  2. No I haven't. I am scared that I will grow some type of gremlin...

  3. I'm still a little curious as to why you got the baby and not me. It must have been the cinnamon rolls at the Halifax Crafters show. I've been promised the next baby, so I'll wish you luck and call soon with lots of questions

  4. Ha Ha. Yes..and it's yummy! I was buying the stuff at the store for almost $4 a bottle. So I got a scoby from a friend and have been making it ever since.
    I just started adding fruit puree to the bottles to make flavors. We'll see how that turns out...maybe I'll BLOG about it. Ha!

  5. i have been all over making kombucha on my blog...very cool you are trying your hand! keep me posted on how yours turns out! I am on batch 2 in 2 diff jars, but have at least 5-7 days more to go...


  6. does look kinda scary.

    Maria...hehe gremlin, that was a funny movie.

    Anne...Yes it must of been the cinnamon rolls or..she just likes me better :P

    MoonMama...Do you add the fruit puree after you drain it or in with the scoby?

    Averie...I looked at it yesterday at it has grown!

  7. I don't have any right got to be too much to take care of. If you want a baby, I can ask my friend?