Monday, April 12, 2010

My Very 1st Veggie Patch!

I decided to grow my own veggie garden this year trying to make my carbon foot print smaller, plus the cost of veggies is craziness. I hope to reap the benefits of fresh tasting vegetables and have the convenience of grocery shopping on my lawn ( need a tomato, I go grab on off the bush!:)

Ocean my oldest, has loved helping me build this soon to be oasis. It feels great to spend time and learn something new together.

I started in March ...It has been on and off with warm weather and I prefer to work on it when its sunny. I have tried to keep it as natural as possible so all the rocks I found were around the property and the bean poll I built using branches that had fallen down in the bush.

Because we don't live in the city, we have friends (deers!) and they like to eat fresh veggie too. So my dad helped me build this inexpensive fence.(YAY for dads!!) We went for a drive up the road and found the already fallen trees (we get a lot of wind) and made polls, put up some chicken wire. This was fairly easy to install, I am just hoping that it is not fairly easy for the friends to break in :P

I will post pictures of the progress. So check back as the weather stays warmer!


  1. Yay! You're gonna have veggies! We had a garden last summer and it did better than I expected it to!

  2. I am hoping to get a tomato and perhaps a lettuce out of the deal :P I have read a lot about gardening and think perhaps its not as much work as everybody thinks? Apparently if you leave it to do its thing, you can sometimes get a abundance of veggies? One can only hope :)

  3. That looks so awesome Kirsten; I'm sure you're gonna love it. I always love going to my parents farm and snagging fresh peppers and tomatoes and squash and strawberries and basil and good golly the list goes on and on. Just yesterday we got oodles of rhubarb. Yum! Enjoy :)

  4. You're very lucky to have land to put a veggie patch on. Good luck!!! I'm planning to start my veges in grow bags and pots.

  5. looking forward to updates, good luck with the growing!

  6. Girlfriend, that is just too adorable! Honestly, what a beautiful view you have! If that doesn't just scream "serenity now"--I don't know what does--I love it!