Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Honest Scrap Award

I have been nominated for the honest scrap award from fellow bloggers Vegan Thyme, and Give me some spice. After I read the rules, I realized that this would  require some thought, and so I put this post aside.

Ten interesting things to post about myself...hmmm? I do not write long posts, I am a short and sweet kinda gal. I thought I should honour the award, after all its called the Honest Scrap Award :P 

The rules state that you have to thank your fellow bloggie friend for the nomination, and link back to their site.Then you must post 10 things about yourself that nobody knows and make them interesting, and  pass the nomination on to 7 to 10 blogs you enjoy reading. 

So here goes...

10 Things Nobody Knows About Me.(in the blogosphere) 
  1. I move around a that I mean I have lived in 21 homes in my 31 years on earth.
  2. When I was sixteen I hitchhiked from Vancouver BC, to Santa Cruz, CA.
  3. My dream is to own a little vegan cafe.(kid friendly of course:)
  4. Reality shows are my guilty pleasure.
  5. The next place I want to visit is Thailand.
  6. I love finding things in people garbage, painting it, fixing it, giving it a new life.
  7. When other people cook for me, I feel loved.
  8. My favorite thing to eat is, breakfast for dinner!
  9. Someday I hope to own a few acres of land to build a home (off the grid).
  10. I don't like to eat hot peppers
In no particular order, or relevant to vegan cooking, these are the blogs I enjoy and have nominated.
  1. Eat it Kid
  2. Sweet Water
  3. Vegan Crunk
  4. Swell Vegan
  5. An Opera Singer in the Kitchen
  6. have cake, will travel!
  7. Tofu for Two




  1. Hi! This is a great honest scrap! Moving makes me nuts! And seriously--from Vancouver to Santa Cruz?! (Well you were hitch hiking and you know I DID pick up a hitch hiker once so I know there are decent folks out there...I find it quite admirable!) I bet your family was fit to be tied, though!

  2. Aw thanks!! I'll try to think of 10 things about myself. It may be a bit before I have time to think busy this week! BTW, I love breakfast for dinner too. But I also love breakfast for breakfast. And lunch. :-)

  3. Thanks for the award! I have 2 now! I need to blog about my stuff! You hitchhiked???? Wow you are a brave girl.