Saturday, August 29, 2009

Farmers Market Finds

This week has been a busy one...with work, getting ready for school , friends visiting from out of town, and my mom duties.
So I have not posted any recipes:( I did however make a really good curry the other night!)
We watched a documentary the other day...Earthlings.
I think all humans should watch this. It is life changing.

Speaking of which, we have taken the next step....Veganism.
It has been easier than I thought, a little more time consuming (reading every label), but well worth it.
I know that being a vegan is one huge step in the right direction...for the planet.

I got up early this morning and looked outside and it was grey and a bit wet.
PERFECT! A great morning to spend at the farmers market:)

I think this will be a good night for chili and cornbread. (I tried to make cornbread last week, but it didn't cook properly, so I will try my hand at it again.:P)

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